THE SIMPLE LIFE NOTEBOOK 4 TOOLS YOU NEED TO DECIDE YOUR WORD OF THE YEAR word of the year theme of the year new year level 10 life goal bullet journal

Word of the year or theme of the year is the new kid on the block.  The acceptable face of New Year’s Resolutions (which we know don’t work), a holistic year round goal that puts a concept behind our thoughts and actions. I love it.  I also like to review at this time of the year and I couldn’t be without these 4 super goal-busting tools.  

1 – Bullet Journal

Grab yourself a Bullet Journal (or indeed any journal or notebook) to start enjoying the magic that this systems brings. It’s really easy – part diary, part action plan, part pile of post-it’s you have on your desk. Watch the how-to video to set up your journal and watch your life simplify! One word of advice, I love pretty fonts and patterns – if you get your kicks from this feel free to go crazy – if you don’t, don’t stress it !

2 – Level 10 Life

I really like Level 10 Life. In short it’s a good way of looking at different areas of your life (family, friend, finances etc) in microcosm so you can see what needs to change and what’s a keeper. One of the best How-to’s I found is Kara at Boho Berry – go see and shine a light on your life. Really useful.

3 – Join like-minded people

There’s an amazing group of people over on oneword365 whose main aim in life is to bring together folk who all have the same word of the year.  I’m loving this idea.  It’s great to feel connected with others and this really gives your word momentum.  If you need more ideas on specific words/phrases to choose – have a look at this great article, flip through some of the suggestions on oneword365  or have a look at this blog’s board on pinterest for ideas. 

4 – Simplify your life

I’ve been working towards simplifying my life for over 2 years now. I can honestly say, that although in theory I have a lot on my plate right now, I don’t feel overwhelmed. This is far from how I felt 2 years ago. My life has lifted by just taking small actions to simplify. I love Carrie from Life Simplified watch this video to see how she makes major changes, but not New Year’s Resolutions, to achieve her dreams. She’s a truly inspirational person.

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