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Last week was so good.  The challenge really got me thinking.. here’s what happened in Week 2.

Day 8 – Career and Spirituality – Work out what your passion is and reconnect/connect with spirituality

Looking after Florence for the past two years has meant I’ve taken some time out from work.  I didn’t  totally love my last job, or the one before,  and I realised this was a big issue for me.  I want to put some wheels into motion now so I don’t have to take the first job I get offered and so I can try and achieve a career I love.  The #LiveMoreChallenge helped me to get clear on what I want, although this is a massive thing to comprehend.  At the risk of sounding like a management consultant I think I’ve found a way to ‘move forward’.

Spirituality for me was setting up a meditation table – my version of a ‘peace place’.  Somewhere I can go to and meditate (which I find hard) or think, or just switch off.  I have candles, some flowers and will maybe add beads or pictures – or something that helps me to switch off and get grounded.  I love the Insight Timer App for loads of free meditations and a great community feel.

Day 9 – Eat without distractions

This is so hard!  Normally family mealtimes give way to any sort of peaceful eating.  It’s really hard to truly focus on every mouthful and not everything else that’s going on.  I think what stuck with me was that when I sit down and eat it’s often the first break I’ve had.  The first chance to stop and breath so whilst I’m digesting my food I’m digesting the day.

Day 10 – Move your body

I’m totally rubbish at this.  I’ve have a yoga outfit in my bottom drawer for a while now. – tags still on.  I feel quite busy enough running around after a toddler to be gymming it as well.  So excercise for me is always limited to something I find either relaxing or multifunctional.  I love to swim and I really do need to think about how I can get that back in my life as the distance to the local pool is putting me off right now.  I decided to give yoga a little try using an app on my phone which I really liked called Daily Yoga.  I liked it and I don’t why I don’t do it more – who knows if I keep wearing  the yoga pants the urge might just kick in.

Day 11 – Only Eat When You’re Hungry

The #LiveMoreChallenge is similar to the amazing Geneen Roth‘s work and her eating guidelines. I’ve been following these principles for a while and I feel like I’ve got this one on my radar, even if I’m not hitting it all the time,  I find the times I fall off the wagon are during the evening or Florence’s nap time when I just wanna eat chocolate – usually as a bit of a release from a hectic morning but it’s also habitual – who doesn’t love a choccy biscuit during Downton Abbey.  I’ve started having an afternoon bath – I know how very luxurious to combat my break time blues.

Day 12 – Tell your body you love her

I’ve used so much body moisturiser in the last 2 weeks!  Telling your body you love her means asking her what she needs. Could be using moisturiser after a long soak or doing some stretches. I showed my body I loved her by painting my beaten up toes.  I can’t drive so my feet are my transport.  I’m also a UK size 9 so they get squeezed and picked on for being unyielding and unladylike.  Today I say thanks Size 9’s I won’t hear a bad word about you! Thank you #LiveMoreChallenge

Day 13 – Tune into your intuition

My quiet or ‘peace place’ as I call it came into its own today as it was time to really focus on our intuition and tune into our wombs/bellies.  Might sound odd but this stuff really is life changing. I’ve been following Miranda Grey, who wrote a book called The Optimised Woman for years now. Tuning into your menstrual cycle and picking up on how you feel at different times of the month has been revolutionary to me.

Day 14 – Stop waiting

The philosophy behind Live More Weigh Less and the #LiveMoreChallenge is based on this idea that we are all waiting on something – more money, more weight loss, our partner to change, a new baby….the list goes on… and we end up never going anywhere.  Todays’ challenge is to dive  in and do it.  So I took that advice and ended up going for an audition for my dream job.  Now who saw that coming!

The challenge is run annually so do get involved.  I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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