THE SIMPLE LIFE NOTEBOOK HOW THE #LIVEMORECHALLENGE CHANGED MY LIFE – WEEK 1 wellness weight sarah jenks love your body live more body image #LIVEMORECHALLENGE

I’ve just finished Week 1 of Sarah Jenks’ #LiveMoreChallenge and what a blast I’ve had.  The challenge is all about doing little things to get you living more – as the hashtag suggests.  From wearing red lipstick to shaking your booty – this challenge does not disappoint.  The challenge is over now but this is an annual thing.  You can also search #LiveMoreChallenge on instagram, facebook or twitter and you can see what amazing stuff people have been doing.  This is how my week panned out.

Day 1 – Buy yourself some blooms (the rule was 3 different types).

Great start to get you feeling like you deserve something nice and pretty to look at.  Best £3 I ever spent.

Day 2 – Have fun

Ooh eer am slightly embarrassed about my effort for this one.  My solitary effort  for ‘having fun’ that day was sorting through my wardrobe (it’s capsule wardrobe time again and I was trialing the new Konmari App).  Kinda fun but not dancing on the ceiling fun.  Later in the week I did some baking – which again was again – kinda fun.  I realised that fun is generally unproductive and I don’t like that.  Big learning for me – must do more fun!

Day 3 – Wear red lipstick 

Oh my! This really made me nervous.  Can’t really believe that.  I felt really obvious.  I got a few notices at usual playgroup (not really red lipstick territory) but you know what I am so carrying on with this challenge.  I actually did a red/pinky gloss but it was very noticeable and left a tell tale sign on my favourite mug.  Starting to walk taller.



Day 4 – Take a bath

Now this is a challenge I can really get behind.  I totally do baths. Or so I thought.  I thought I was a bath time queen.   It was only when I made a real effort to make my bath really relaxing and luxurious did it become obvious that I was plumping for so-so soaking.  Bathing with your daughters Thomas The Tank Engine  stick on track is not what we’re going for here.  Since the challenge I have gone full steam on my bathing routine leaving no candle left unlit.

Day 5 – Delegate

Delegations all you need.  Love it.  I’m rubbish at delegating.  As I’ve realised this week I do tend to rush in for fear of not having things the way I like them.  Sarah (Jenks – who started the challenge) did some videos and on one of them she said, when speaking about relationships, you had to clean up your side of the street before you could expect change.  So I did what  I needed to do (mainly quit nagging for a while) and a lovely lasagne landed in my oven – courtesy of my better half.  Progress indeed!

Day 6 – Read at a cafe (no distractions) for an hour

This felt luxurious and unproductive (which by this point I’d started to realise was a good thing!).  I took my book – a lovely book all about sleep – and it did feel good.  I have a nagging unproductive demon in my head which I’ve realised must be exorcise out.

Day 7 – Slow down

This was such a good day.  Slowing down for me meant relaxing into a nice sunday without any phones or pcs – I’m allowed TV – not sure I could cope without Poldark.  I made a nice slow cooker stew and tried to relax with my toddler (easy, eh?) I noticed that I have a tendency to say ‘I’ll just do this quick job’ which inevitably is always long winded and takes all day.

More on week 2 next week!


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